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Motor Vehicle Damages

We can assist you in claiming your losses as a result of a motor vehicle accident that was not at fault.

We will act on your behalf to pursue the at fault party or their insurer for the damages caused to your vehicle and any consequential losses, including hire car charges.

We can also recover the costs of any damaged personal items, including but not limited to baby seats, damaged mobile, riding gear (for motorbike claims), work tools etc.

You are entitled to take your vehicle to a repairer of your choice without having to lodge a claim on your own policy of insurance.

Our experienced team will handle the whole recovery process for you including communicating direct with the at fault party and their insurer, your repairer, independent assessor and any other service providers.

Insurance Disputes

If you have lodged a claim with your insurer, had your vehicle repaired at your insurer’s nominated repairer and you are not satisfied with the workmanship, we can assist in the resolution of the dispute.

Under your policy of insurance, your insurer is entitled to try and rectify any defects however should the repairs still be sub-standard after their attempt, we can then proceed with a rectification claim against your insurer.

We also assist with claims that have been denied. If you have lodged a claim with your insurer and the claim is denied, we can work through the denial process with you and advise whether litigation is the best option.

Debt Recovery and Enforcement

If you are owed money by anyone, we can assist in recovering the debt.

This may include court proceedings for non-payment, obtaining judgement against a debtor and enforcing judgement.

The enforcement of judgement can include proceeding with a Warrant to Seize Property, Summons for Oral Examination, Bankruptcy proceedings etc.

Other Matters

Assist with traffic offence and any other civil matters.

You may be assured when choosing Kenyon and Ahmet Lawyers that you are retaining the right lawyers with the correct skills required for your specific legal issue in these areas.

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